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We went back to the drawing board to evaluate everything – the way we serve, the way we operate, the way we deliver. Then, we reimagined the way – why we exist, why we serve.

We changed our name to better reflect our purposes.

Names are powerful. They can leave an unshakable impression. Napoleon Bonaparte. Joseph Stalin. Mother Teresa. Mahatma Gandhi. In seconds, names evoke strong feelings and quick judgments. Irrelevant yet real associations accompany the names we hear. Mother Teresa reminds us of mercy, and Gandhi’s name speaks of justice. These associations become etched in our minds in a way that is difficult to control.

Names communicate. Historically, many individuals have been renamed after significant life events in order to convey a renewed identity. A man named Simon was later called Peter, which means “rock.” Peter’s name foreshadowed his role as a “rock-solid” influence during the early spread of Christianity. The infamous Joseph Stalin, whose given name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvilli, chose his new name for its hard-lined image: “Man of Steel.” His name lived up to his legacy as leader of the Communist party in the former Soviet Union.

Names identify. Expecting parents often spend hours, days, and even months agonizing over the perfect names for their babies because those names communicate identity. Similarly, companies strategically choose names and sometimes take new names. Google, for example, is not just a fun word, but as a derivative of “googol,” it actually means the number 1×10­­100. The founders chose Google to replace their original name, BackRub, in order to represent the vast number of results rendered by this advanced search engine. Google’s name expects potential, and it goes to show that the best names convey commitment to a vision.

As we reimagine the way to better care, we invite you to do the same. Our distinct aim and purpose is to give our users the ability to stride as empowered patients with a real sense of direction. Rather than simply pointing you in the right direction, we will show you the way to stride forward and thrive. We reimagined our name and are now known as WayStride.

WayStride better aligns with our vision to encourage, equip, and empower healthcare organizations to care for and step alongside their patients with practical, meaningful applications. WayStride connotes decisive movement in a specific direction; it’s all in the name. The word “Way” refers to the means, route, or best path forward. It may not be the one and only way, but it is the best way. To “Stride” is to walk with long, decisive steps in a specific direction. WayStride will guide you to take confident steps on the best way to your destination.

The story behind our name boils down to the reason WayStride exists. Several years ago, our founder, Benjamin, was diagnosed with cancer and found that one of the most difficult aspects of dealing with his diagnosis was, surprisingly, navigating the complicated hospital. He found himself discouraged with the pattern of routinely arriving late to appointments because he did not know his way around the hospital, asking for directions, and regularly being pointed in the wrong direction. Now with a clean bill of health, he guides WayStride with a vision to alleviate the struggle others experience when they visit the hospital and feel lost. Our story began with a once lost patient who now seeks to support others through wayfinding as the first step on the path to wellness.

Reimagine the way you move through the hospital. Perhaps in the past your visits have been marked by stress, confusion, or frustration. We know what it’s like to set foot in a large building; it can feel like being on ice skates for the first time. The complexity and confusion have led us to experience a lack of dignity – feeling uncared for and unseen.

We exist to navigate with you, to help you establish a sure-footing. Our vision is to empower you to “Stride,” feeling cared for in every detail of the visit as you move forward with reliable direction in the palm of your hand. WayStride wants to see everyone stride – staff as they pursue their next task, patients on their way to appointments, and family and friends visiting loved ones.

This new sense of care restores a sense of dignity to patients and loved ones – a human dignity that has been lost in the hallways of large healthcare facilities – and offers compassion so that they may stride forth with restored confidence. Dignity, then, will pave the way to perseverance and hope through the visit or healthcare experience.

WayStride is helping wandering patients stride through modern hospitals with confidence and ease. We changed our name because we reimagined the way we want you to experience healthcare, and it starts with empowering you to stride with purposeful direction. The next stride starts with you.

Reimagine the way.
Stride forth.

About WayStride

WayStride provides a smartphone application that functions like a GPS system with step-by-step wayfinding directions to help people navigate hospitals. Rather than guessing which way to go, WayStride provides the most efficient route from your car in the parking lot to your appointment and back with accuracy.

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