Navigating the Hospital Experience is Hard.

We make it better.
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End-to-end patient engagement.

Leverage effective wayfinding for a real-time patient engagement strategy.


Forward Thinking

Patients and visitors resort to century-old, inefficient, frustrating methods to navigate complex healthcare facilities. We leverage Bluetooth to precisely navigate your hospital’s facilities and provide meaningful information to patients and staff.


Patient Centric

We exist because People Matter. We provide an experience to maximize their positive outlooks, better their attitudes, and increase holistic patient care through seamless navigation and effective wayfinding.


Results Oriented

WayStride enables increased operational efficiency by decreasing staff interruptions and providing analytics into how people navigate your healthcare facility.

Our patient-centric, hospital navigation platform relieves stress from the lives of patients and healthcare staff.

We provide effective wayfinding in complex healthcare facilities with a GPS-like smartphone application.

How Waystride Helps

We simplify everything,

Making it easy for hospitals and patients to get going quickly.


The Technology

Our affordable technology boasts a platform for you to manage locations within your facility, works with and without cell service or internet connection, and offers a flexible infrastructure to help you save money.


The Installation

WayStride handles all aspects of the installation, works alongside your team to ensure accurate display of your facilities and tools, and trains your staff.



We work hand-in-hand with your team through each step of the marketing, launch, and post-launch phases. We guarantee that we will work with you until WayStride is successful.

The Waystride Advantage

The services that leverage your investment.


Reminders with Directions

Use our unique automated appointment reminders.


Live Updates

Update your maps and routes to dynamically re-route patients and visitors during facility changes.


Best Entrance Navigation

Seamlessly offer navigation to your patients and visitors from their current location to the best parking area and best entrance in the same app.


Facility Heatmaps

Understand how people interact with your physical facility with our analytics and insights engine.

We’ve Been There

We know what it’s like to feel the pressure of wayfinding as a patient.

The strategic and passionate pursuit of patient-centric hospital navigation services started with a cancer diagnosis. While Waystride’s founder, Benjamin, navigated the news and treatment for this diagnosis, he found that navigating healthcare facilities proved to be even more stressful than the treatment itself. Amidst a hospital full of employees too busy to notice that he was lost, he empathized with the many other patients who are late to appointments, even to the point of missing them and needing to reschedule.

A solution was necessary in order to improve patients’ experiences so that wayfinding would no longer add stress and mental overhead to real people who are already navigating overwhelming health crises and unexpected complications. Waystride emerged as that solution and exists from a place of deep compassion for people in a place where it can be easy to feel like just a number.

How Waystride Works

We simplify the entire process,
The technology, to installation, to launch.
We make it easy to get you where you need to go – stress free

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I just had a great experience using WayStride while navigating The Washington Hospital.



The WayStride App has been an ingenious idea, well-received. Having this navigation system available in our facility has helped to reduce their anxiety and create a more positive patient experience for patients as well as their families.


Director, Patient Experience, Washington Health System